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In thgis game you can create your own fantasy character (well, mainly personalize it but still) and dive right into exciting adventure also known as"find an exit in the labyrinth". What is exciting in that you might ask? Besides this is a dream setting and your personality is a dragon (oops, we didn't mentioned this before?) You should know that you are not the only creature exploring this labyrith - on your way you will meet another mythological creatures with big tits and schlongs and who knows what else. And ofcourse you will need to fight them just these conflicts will be produced as sensual model of"rock-paper-scissors" - pick an action and if you figured right you may overpower your enemy following few rounds. Also besides enemies you will be finding treasures and gain experience which turns this game into adventure game as well!
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Version number 3.0a. The sport seems to not be completed. But anyhow you can do plenty of things. Walk around, read instructions and press buttons to perform tasks.
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