Aria Giovanni

Lesson of Passion 2 BE

Lession of Passion is back and this time relationship simulator has step up on the new degree! To play this game you'll have to select your personality first-ever. It's possible to turn into a psortsman, a tech, a businessman or some hartbreaker! After that you will attempt your chances in getting hart of non other than Aria Giovanni - world famous erotic model! But do not wait that she'll let you to perform her magnificent knockers right from the start - first you will have to do a lot of stuff for her! There will be fairly a great deal of areas you can see - home, pub, university, shopping mall as well as many others. Each area has its own set of activities. Make money, level up your character's stats and do othe rthing to make nearer to a desire - head on a date night with Aria! Or may be you'll meet different femmes...

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