Business Trip Adventure 2

In this intriguing sex flash game you will learn that a veles narrative about a neighborhood dummy. So an ordinary city fellow got a fresh fascinating job. As fortune would have it, on the very first operating day that the alarm clock bankrupt and the dude fell asleep. He has to correct this situation. The fellow arrives to the office in which his assistant is waiting. She tells him that the terrible news his chief is awaiting a man in her workplace to discover why he's late for his work. The fellow comes into the workplace to the boss and also sees a wicked, however, damnable appealing woman. She is outraged that the fellow was late for work. You have to discover an explanation for this particular act. After a couple of mins, the boss calms down. The stud starts dinking around and invites the manager to visit the cafe. After having a couple of hours that they meet at dinner. So the main assignment of the game would be to have lovemaking with your chief. To do so you have to use game items and your attractiveness. If you're ready then let us start the escapade right now.

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