Red King

How about to acquire hotreward for solving chess tasks? If you are ready then waste no more time and thenhit the play button! But notice that in this chess you will have justone piece to play - a white rook. Just as your competitionwith just a singlerook. And even more - you and your competitionwill likelybe transferringyour pieces at exactly theidenticaltime in order to get a singlered king thatwill always try to escape you both. Simplyuse arrow buttonsand attemptto reach red king earlieryour opponent will. And your competitoris... hot blonde sensualmodel who'sready to wagerher clothes against you personally inthis match. Each time you will win you mayunlock next level and freshphotographfrom her striptease set. But be carefull - in caseyou'llloose then amountis going tobe rolled back and womancanput her clothes back on!

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