Family Reunion 4: Thursday – A Rising Star

Story continues and you will getmore info from Maria around Mandy's dad. But you cannot spend all of your time exploring this instance, you have your personal life and girlfriend Katy. You'll face plenty of hard choices within this particular episode. Attempt to decide what's best for you.

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Inspector J Episode 6

The investigation of Inspector J continues in episode 6: Any assistance is welcome. You're a police inspector and you are working together with your spouse Mia on the case of a pupil from Canada called Jeanne. Jeanne has discovered that her boyfriend is cheatingwith a woman named Eve and now she's missing. To find out more you may choose to locate and play preceding episode of the game collection. Somehow you will learn that the mayor may be included in some portion of the narrative. So what can you do now to fix this case and not to loose your jobs? Well, it's tome for some covert operation then! Also mayor's assistant is pretty sexy chick so pretending to be somebody else won't only help you to secure more evidences but also flirt with this sexy blonde!

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