Passionate Moments: Business Trip

In this game you will have to go on a business journey. But because this erotic game this is gonna become a biz tour you might truly love! You will be playing as fellow named Jack. Who is on his biz trip... although not alone - he's new assistant on a coaching interval Gina! Who happens to be a hot blonde and because she's paid well she is prepared to perform some extra job because of her chief. The match will start in the hotle room where after short dialog you will find the chance to get Gina's body in different catches sight of. Turn her on and you will play more sexual minigames with this hot blonde chick! Game uses fine 3D models which are also nicely revived in minigames sequences rather than standard flash animations so that it might take some time to upload - please be patient.

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Knarf’s Quest

In this game you will be enjoying as Knarf. He runs a site about thinsg he enjoys the maximum - Travels and porn! And is there some better way to get new feelings than just simply take a very long walk around the resort while still being on holiday? Ofcourse not because from the hotle he'll meet so many distinct characters with their own needs, stories and boobs sizes! And the last thing might be quite usefull because taking few genuinely cool nude photographs is exactly what your site's lovers will appreciate a lot. So explore the hotel and get quests simply to get hot photosession in reards for completing them! The job for today is to receive 16 unique photographs in total. Graphics in this game will be quite far from realistic but it is quite great because it's genre of amusing erotic experience with furries.

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