Machou-Shoujo Misaki Mifuki

This game is not some animated hentai movie - it has truly hardcor egameplay using complex controls. So if you plan to hammer this game you very likely should check the controls first-ever and have some time prcaticing it. In terms of the game it takes palce in regular asian school where you will take control over two regular asain college girls. You know, anime asian schoolgirls - along with big eyes, big orbs and brief skirts (which likewise blowned up by the end the whole time!) . The game is assumed to be an action game that means these two uber-cute women will need to fight against hordes of different anime creatures that has broke in their school and if you won't be exact in manages all these monsters will simply fuck them in all fuck-holes! Thus don't practise controls for too lengthy...

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Legend of Krystal: Ridley Fight

I truly don't know what's happening in this sport writer's mind, but something fantastic odd happening in this game for sure. Another game of Krystal series from Legend.

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Teen Titans Tentacles 1

Just found out that we do not have this original (intro) section on our website. Well, it's REALLY film, butat least you'll know how did all start.

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