FT: Christmas Vanity

It looks liek at Fucktown Xmas has arrived before in this year - appropriate when the secret research team in the laboratory has finally uncovered their new product. And this item is nothing but the distinctive eyeglasses which you can use to see through people's clothing! Ofcourse it can be used for security purposes but since you're in Fucktown this certainly can wait. Besides there's a real xmas season here and what could be better gift then field evaluation of the fresh gear on your own? Game includes a narrative mode during which you will visit numerous locations and meet various individuals there. Though some of them you can fuck right away the others will have their own opinion about that. In such circumstances x ray glasses will get indeed helpful...

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"Thorne" or"Thron-E"is joy and titillating experimentation against"Lesson of Fire" studio which could be recognizable to you if this is not your first-ever day of enjoying erotic games. Instead of usual romabce in romantic setting this venture will take into not so distant future where something apocalyptic has ultimately happen and all the laws of interactions has switched. Now if you have a problem and you need to solve it hasty and sure you go to someone like Thorne character of the game. He is about to put his lifestyle and wellbeing for what but online? For money? For power? Follow his route and you'll discover more regarding this gloomy world and its own principles... Besides the fantastic story and hot sex scenes amde using 3D graphics game also has accomplishment system so you'll get excuses to invert the game in the event that you liked it.

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Naked Cleaning: Touch and Dust Animation

First of all this game will be completely on japanes terminology (well, except for few names for buttons at the main menu) so in the event you don't understand the language you are not going to get what the story behind all the action in this game. However, if you like watching super-cute anime damsel is cleaning up the entire school building sans any maid uniform at you most likely need to give this game a chance. By the way you dont' trim to understand all the dialogs - . Just don't press it for too lengthy or you will miss the graphic content consisting of a lot of locations, jokey situations and sexy poses that main heroine of this game is going to showcase you! And because it is all about cleaning don't be astonished that our leading lady will have to clean up the mess she made hereself...

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