Slave Lords Of The Galaxy [v 0.2.5]

In this game you'll be hired by a few galactic queen of a desert planet. And she's chosen this planet because she's a whole lot of lsaves and that she wants to train them someplace... and find some gain from them naturally. And you will be the fellow who will help her with coaching role. To start the game only go to the palace where you will have a conversation with queen and she will give you your first activity - some doll who's still not utilized to her part of marionette so you'll have to not only to trian her but also discipline her. Take her to your space ship at which you may do quite a great deal of things along with her which comprises changing her hair or her panties color! Of course almost all of your skills will be secured at the start so you'll have to get the way to advance thru the sport to obtain an access to them.

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