FT: Christmas Vanity

It looks liek at Fucktown Xmas has arrived before in this year - appropriate when the secret research team in the laboratory has finally uncovered their new product. And this item is nothing but the distinctive eyeglasses which you can use to see through people's clothing! Ofcourse it can be used for security purposes but since you're in Fucktown this certainly can wait. Besides there's a real xmas season here and what could be better gift then field evaluation of the fresh gear on your own? Game includes a narrative mode during which you will visit numerous locations and meet various individuals there. Though some of them you can fuck right away the others will have their own opinion about that. In such circumstances x ray glasses will get indeed helpful...

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Kelly and Monica

Tonight is your night. It's time for a date with Kelly - one indefinitely are forced by hot flight attendant out of play. She is currently waiting in her flat located in down-town area of passion city. During phone conversation, she said that she has surprise to you. You wonder what can it be!

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Family Reunion 4: Thursday – A Rising Star

Story continues and you will getmore info from Maria around Mandy's dad. But you cannot spend all of your time exploring this instance, you have your personal life and girlfriend Katy. You'll face plenty of hard choices within this particular episode. Attempt to decide what's best for you.

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