Who framed Roger Rabbit

In Bed with Jessica

Did you ever wanted to become Roger Rabbit? Not because he's a funny cartoon rabbit but since his wifey isnon besides the hottest redhead of all days - Jessica Rabbit! If yes- then this game will provide you a chance to get in one bed with her and fuck her fairly great in various position on your pick! To play this game all you want to doto pick a position from the listing andshake your mouse down and up to bring this slutty redhead to an orgasm (there will be an orgasm-o-meter on top of the display so that you will see if you are doing all of it right or not). Fuck her tits or allow her to give you a blowjob, take her out of hammer fuck her tight pussy. You create a threesome and can make a friend! And when you fill out the meter on it's maximum point you will observe that a cumshot scene!

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